Digital Bodies

Digital Bodies

experimental game

Primal nest


Primal Nest is an experimental 3D video game where the viewer is invited to play. A participant can zoom into the frame and navigate the virtual landscape through an inter-vaginal perspective. The interior is a female womb, humanity’s primal nest, imagined and constructed with disembodied legs, arms, hands, fingers, and toes. The virtual reality scene contains a light source, water, and sound. Shadow, reflection, and echo are rendered in real-time as the viewer explores. The work is installed in domestic environments — ordinary entertainment centers that include TV, table, and video game consoles — so as to be approachable and interacted with instinctively.


video installation

Untitled (cube)


Untitled(cube) is a video installation where imagery is projected on a large cube. The video is a grid pattern of smaller cubes. A white-colored virtual human figure explores the inside of each cube. Different colors distinguish each cube and the virtual figures take on the color of their respective cubes (because of the reflection).




I'm withering.
I don't want to be withered.
I won't be withered.
I'm unwithered.
She won't be withered.
She will bloom.


YOYOULIMA collective

Anti-guide: how to transcend the body

yoyoulima = Yuehao Jiang X Sanglim Han


Anti-Guide, a mixed-media installation, employs human body as a site for resistance, functioning as a community space for two related workshops; Wearable Technology Laboratory and Experimental Somatic Practice. These workshops are led by 3d human figures and simulated objects in hyperreal scenarios. Workshop participants explore ways to decolonize their bodies and examine how identity is negotiated under the oppression of gender, race, and politics, through personal and collective histories.




generative design

Hominid Form